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1The Constitution (scheduled castes) 2 [union territories)] order 1951(C.O.32)

In exercise of the powers conferred by clause. (1) of article 341 of the Constitution of India. as amended by the Constitution (First Amendment) Act. 1951. the President is pleased to make the following Order, namely:-

1. This Order may be called the Constitution Scheduled Castes) 2[(Union Territories)] Order, 1951.

2. Subject to the provisions of this Order, the castes, races or tribes or parts of, or groups within, castes or tribes, specified in 3[Parts I to III] of the Schedule to this Order shall, in relation to the 2[Union territories] to which those parts respectively relate, be deemed to be Scheduled Castes so far as regards members thereof resident in the localities specified in relation to them respectively in those Parts of that Schedule.

4[3. Notwithstanding anything contained in paragraph 2, no person who professes a religion different from the Hindu, 5[the Sikh or the Buddhist] religion shall be deemed to be a member of a Scheduled Caste.]

6[4. Any reference in this Order to a Union territory in Part I of the Schedule shall be construed as a reference to the territory constituted as a Union territory, as from the first day of November 1956, any reference to a Union territory in Part II of the Schedule shall be construed as a reference to the territory constituted as a Union territory as from the first day of November. 1966 and any reference to a Union territory in part III of the Schedule shall be construed as a reference to the territory constituted as a Union territory as from the day appointed under clause (b) of section 2 of the Goa, Daman and Diu Reorganization Act. 1987.]

2[The Schedule


Throughout the Union Territory:- --1. Adi-Dharmi -2. Agria  -3. Aheria 4. Balai -5. Banjara  6. Bawaria -7. Bazigar -8. Bhangi -9. Bhil 10 Chamar,Chanwar Chamar, Jatava or JatavChamar,Mochi, Ramdasia,Ravidasi, Raidasi,Rehgarh or Raigar 11. Chohra(Sweeper) 12. Chuhra(Balmiki) 13. Dhanak or Dhanuk 14. Dhobi 15. Dom 16. Gharranmi 17. Julaha(Weaver) 18. Kabirpanthi 19. Kachhandha 20. Kanjar or Giarah 21. Khatik 22. Koli 23. Lalbegi 24. Madari 
25. Mallah 26. Mazhabi 27. Meghwal 28. Naribut 29. Nat(Rana) 30. Pasi 31. Perna 32. sansi or Bhedkut 33. Sapera 
34. Sikligar 35. Singiwala or Kalbelia 36. Sirkiband.](END)

1. Published with the Ministry of Law Notifn. No. C.O.32. dated the 20th September,1951, Gazette of ....India, Extraordinary 1951. Part II .Section 3, page 1198. 2. Subs. by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Lists (Modification) Order, 1956. 3. Subs. by Act 18 of 1987.s.19 and First Sch .for "Parts I to IV" (W.e.f. 30-5-1987) 4. Subs. by Act 63 of 1956.s. 3 and Sch II. 5. Subs. by Act 15 of 1990, s. 3, for "or the Sikh". 6. Subs. by Act 18 of 1987, s. 19 and First Sch .,for paragraph 4 (W.e.f.30-5-1987).

3{4[ Part II.}- CHANDIGARH

--1. Ad Dharmi -2. Bangali -3. Barar,Burar or Berar -4. Batwal -5. Bauria or Bawaria --6. Bazigar -7. Balmiki,Chura or Bhangi -8. Bhanjra -9. Chamar,JatiaChamar,Rehgar,Raigar Ramdasi or Ravidasi 10. Chanal 11. Dagi 12. Darain 13. Dhanak 14. Dhogri,Dhangri or Siggi 15. Dumna,Mahasha or Doom 16. Gagra 17. Gandhila or Gandil Gondola 18. Kabirpanthi or Julaha 19. Khatik 20. Kori or Koli 21. Marija or Marecha 22. Mazhabi 23. Megh 24. Nat 25. Od 26. Pasi 
27. Perna 28. Pherera 29. Sanhai 30. Sanhal 31. Sansoi 32. Sansi,Bhedkut or Manesh 33. Sapela 34. Sarera 35. Sikligar 36. Sirkiband.](END)

1. Part II relating to Himachal Pradesh omitted by Act 53 of 1970, s.19 and Sch.II (W.e.f. 25-1-1971).
2. Parts III and IV relating to Manipur and Tripura respectively omitted by Act 81 of 1971, s. 25 (2) and ....Sch. III (W.e.f. 21-1-1972).
3. Added by Act 31 of 1966, s. 27 and Sch. IX (W.e.f. 1-11-1966).
4. Part V re-numbered as part II by Act 81 of 1971, s. 25 (2) and Sch. III(W.e.f. 21-1-1972).


Throughout the Union territory:- -1. Bhangi (Hadi) -2. Chambhar -3. Mahar -4. Mahyavanshi(Vankar) -5. Mang.](END)

5. Original Part III relating to Mizoram omitted and Part IV renumbered as Part III by Act 34 of 1986,s. ....13 and Second Sch. (W.e.f.20-2-1987). Original Part III relating to Arunachal Pradesh omitted by ....Act 69 of 1986, s. 16 and

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